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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mahdevi Verma and Mohan Upreti Special Issue of Srujan Se: A Need of the Hour

(Review of Srujan Se Magazine issue dedicated to Mahadevi Verma and Mohan Upreti )

Bhishma Kukreti

The present literature is sensing turmoil today. The literature creators and readers of past generation never imagined the present situation when languages, language’s owned phrases, traditional literature of all languages specially subjects, means and methods of telling the realities and forms are on the cross roads to find new methodologies to be relevant with Internet medium and its strength, television channels and their way of releasing information or their strength of engaging audience, the literature available through mobile phones. The non specialized literature magazines as Srujan Se are also facing new problems for reaching readers who are already engaged with various new medium which excite them instantly. Global economic trends making unheard hurdles for magazines as Srujan Se, hurdles specially the readers coming out from cultural, national, religious, cocoons and now believing that there is possibility of one world, one language and one culture. Readers of new generation are more demanding and extrovert than last year.

In such situation when poetry, stories, reports, columns and other facets of literature of all languages and dialects are facing a dilemma, Srujan Se one of the finest magazines of Hindi language brought a special issue on Mahadevi Verma and folk literature activist Mohan Upreti and made the magazine relevant at this juncture.

In philosophy specially Vigyan Bhairav and in modern marketing, the intellectuals suggest that when there is confusion, when there is ups and downs go to your basic root and settle for the time beings till your customers (readers) start believing on you. In this present situation, it is essential that literature magazines that they serve readers with past trends and provide new trendy literature too because when there is turmoil the bridged subject of present trendy subject with tested and trusted past means and methods make the literature more relevant than providing either old ones or present trendy ones only. As Mahatma Gandhi found new methods through old Indian tradition of non violence to fight with might British. Gandhi’s weapons to fight with turmoil were very simple that principle was of oldest form and means were modern and relevant to new world. The way Mahdevi Verma and Mohan Upreti came out in their facets of fields and the way they could achieve their accomplishments are very important for literature creators and readers as well. They both believed on basics of humanity and used newest forms of means of their time and became successful that today, Srujan Se one of the excellent Hindi magazines of this decade brought special issue for paying homage to path breakers (Mahadevi and Mohan) of their time.

The write ups of Nagendra dwivedi, Chameli Jugran, Lakshman Singh Bisht , Tilak Joshi, Ram Kumar Verma, Shiv Om Ambar and articles and poems of Mahdevi Verma about Mahdevi provide the real insight of Mahadevi Verma as a fine human being , as a strong observer, as struggler, as a world class poet.

Same way, the articles of Ram gopal Bajaj, B B karanth, Girish Tiwari, Shamshul Islam Deepa Joshi are very much successful in opening up the insight of Mohan Upreti and his passion for folk music and culture.

The contributions of Rajkumari Sharma, Devendra Mishra, Chandsheri, Shailaja, Amrohavi, Nagrani, Jai Prakash, Kilshreshtha, Keshav Sharan, Ravi Pandey, Hemant Joshi , Endre Ilesh, Anju Mishra, Hari Datt Bhat , DD Sharma are the means of making Srujan Se one the relevant Hindi magazines at this time.

Specail mention is necessary about the article of Dr V k Joshi for saving environment. Usually it is seen that environmentalists write or talk in complex language and common man can’t understand their languages. However, Dr V K Joshi has been successful in using simple phrases to make understand the article with ease. The editorial is fine example of writing editorial.

Congratualtion! To srujan Se team for bringing such fine issue.

This author request all to read special issue about Mahadevi Verma and Mohan Upreti of Srujan se magazine

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