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Monday, July 5, 2010

‘Srujan Se ‘ (Second Issue ): Keeping its Words

Bhishma Kukreti..

When I received the first issue of "Srujan Se" edited by Meena Pande, I sent messages to my Garhwali literature friends that this magazine has high standard and all Hindi literature creative should contribute for this magazine. The second issue is the proof that the editorial board , publisher are sincere in keeping their words.

In her editorial Meena Pandey touched many subjects especially on the rights of women and their contributions to the future society and human beings . Meena explains the main sections of this new issue and also tells the readers for adding two new columns. Meena has been successful in creating eagerness for reading the full magazine in the reader’s mind . However, the new readership expect more from Meena to deliver innovative editorial that opens new thinking in the mind of readers and contributors too , Meena should take stock that editorial is not limited to ‘Lekha Jokha of current issue” but should be able to provoke the readers too.

In reader’s reactions column about first issue , there are responses of renowned literature creative and creative of other fields . Surprisingly no response/reaction is stereotype.

Mahesh Chandra Pande is successful in explaining the spiritual or philosophical aspect of power of mind and need of implementation in ’Man Ke Jite Jeet hai” through simple and understandable words.

Stage play is still a way of communication and communicating messages to the communities. Learned research scholar Lalit Singh Pokhariya tells us the aspect of Love, Shringar rapture in various world famous plays inhis interesting article “ Naty Sahity me Prem’

The title “ Masijivi Amrit Lal Nagar krit ‘Shatranj ke Mohre ki Ardh Sati’ is very useful for younger literature creative for knowing the importance of sensitivity of the literature creative in creating classic and relevant literature.

In ‘Holi ke Rang’ article, Dr Santosh Ashish is triumphant in creating Kumauni Holi play imagery and Holi celebrations in other parts of India.

The article ‘ Vachik Kvita banam Kavita’ is meant for literature creative and the common readers will also enjoy the article.

I like (the most) the interview of Dr yashodhar Mathpal taken by Hemant Kumar Joshi and by reading the struggle of Math pal, I can say that struggle seems be a min creature before the success of Padm Shri dr Yashodhar Mathpal, The interview is inspiring to we all too .

I admire Dr Jeewan singh Mehta for his article “ Paryavaran avam gramin Mahilaon Ka Swasthy Uttarakhand ke Sandarbh me “ wherein he tells us scientifically the facts and importance of health care for rural Uttarakhandi women and he tells us the solutions too.

Meean pande should be congratulated for providing opportunities to young generation. Yong research scholar Geeta Pandey explains the various aspects of Indian culture in her ‘ Adhunik Paripekhs me Sanskriti ka Mahatva”

Dr Bhusan shau ‘s language is very simple and understandable too that readers will understand the finer points of Art in his article ‘ Kala me Saundary Tatv’

The readers will get primary knowledge about books jindagi Ki Jang by Puran Kandpal, Jainendra ki Kalyani by Dr Rama Nath Tripathi , and Hindi film Sangget : 75 Varson ka Safar by Anil Bhargav.

Daya Nand Anant is famous for his realistic stories of common men and the readers will like story telling expertise of Anant in his story ‘Rupayun ka Ped ‘.

The intellectuals will definitely like and enjoy the ‘landscape’ story by dr Ramesh Chandra Shah

There is famous story of Chekhav in this issue and seems that editorial board wants to create international image of the magazine.

There are pomes and ghazals of Magesh Dabral, Dr shiv Om Ambar, Kunvar Baichain, Urmil Thapliyal, Soni Pant, Dinesh singhal, Dr Jagdish Pant kumud. Each poem is different than others in temperaments, raptures, and styles etc . The selection of poems shows that editor is bent upon about searching the base of relevancy of poems in globalization time.

The paintings of Dr Yashodhar math pal will take you to old rural Kumaun of old age
The get up of the magazine is soothing to eyes.

I can say that the readers will enjoy the issue and will definitely wait for another rissue.

I recommend you all to call the magazine.

Srujan Se (Tri monthly Hindi Magazine)
M-3 M I G Flat, C -61
Vaishnav apartments, Shalimar Garden-2,

Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (UP)
Pin 201005,

Bhishma Kukreti

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