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Monday, July 5, 2010

Srujan Se : A Magazine of High Standards- By Bhishma Kukreti

My web-friend Shri Kaliash Pandey from Noida was good enough to post me a magazine and I received a copy of recently published tri-monthly Hindi magazine Srujan Se (January-march 2010)

By just glancing the cover page I could not believe that the magazine is Uttarakhand region oriented literature magazine or Uttarakhand Sambandhi Anchlik Patrika. Financially and distribution point of view, it is very difficult for the publisher to publish high standard literature magazine related to Uttarakhand .

I congratulate to editor MS Meena Pande , "Srujan se" team and specially Shri Kailash Pande for taking pain to publicize and distribute such high class magazine .

Meena Pande successfully explains the real meaning of creativity pregnancy and the objectives of creativity of any type regarding literature and art. In less words she said enough and proves her editorial expertise.

K Pande explains us the importance of right decision at right time

The renowned artist and creative Mohamad Salim does need not any introduction and very sensitively, in simple language he is successful to explicate the emotional point of view and creative point of view of art or literature. He inhis article “ Kala ke vibhin Ayamon se …“ , deliberately touched many minute aspects of art, literature and the audience or readers.

Kiran pande very sensitively takes us in the romantic mood in the poetry of Sumitra nandan pant in his essay “ Saundary Upasak Pant”

Hem Chandra Bahuguna analyze brilliantly the characters of women in the novel ‘Kasap ‘ written by late Manohar Shyam Joshi

The stories in this first volumes indicate that the editorial board and publisher will provide the readers best stories (mostly related to Uttarakhand or Uttarakhandi story tellers”. After thirty two years I am reading the high standard stories written by Uttarakhand writers in lot. Cheed ke banon se “ a collection of stories written by writers as shivani, Himanshu Joshi, Ballabh Dobhal, Shailesh matiyani, Batrohi Swaroop Dhoundiyal etc edited by Swaroop Dhoundiyal . The stories of Mahesh darpan, Lalit Mohan Thapliyal , Puran Mathpal, Dr Sher singh Bisht, and Meena Pande attract the readers for waiting another issue of Srijan Se

I was delighted to read the wordings of famous Hindi story teller, editor and versatile critic Illa Chandra Joshi after so many years. Ila Chandra joshi tells us the his memories of his friend great Hindi poet Surya Kant Tripathi ‘Nirala’ . As per his expertise Joshi writes memories of Nirala in such a way as if we are watching movie.

The interviews with famous writer Amrita Preetam and social activist and folk musician Naima Upreti are the marvelous interviews for knowing the insight and experiences of the interviewed ones .

Hemant Joshi enlightens us about the works of famous dramatist Brij Mohan Shah in the field of drama

The research oriented essays of Dr Y S math pal on Wood Carving Art of Kumaon, the interrelationships of classical music with folk music and songs by Dr Asha Pande, are definitely excite the readers for knowing so much details. Same way, Rajesh c Joshi provides us the importance and characteristics of folk music instrument Dhol and Deepa Joshi details the legendary tales of Uttarakhand and their effects on our society for creating exclusive culture of Uttarakhand .

Chetan Kumar Pande tells us about Gangotri in ‘ jahan ganga man Avtarirt Hui ‘ though travelogue style .

There are critical essays on three books of different subjects related to Uttarakhand, Uttarakhandis and languages of Uttarakhand -’ Pant saihitya…”. Pandit Jyoti ram ‘ and Kumaoni Ramayan’.

The editor choose marvelous Gazals of Dr Shiv Om Ambar, Shankar Prasad kargeti, Meena Pande and could be said that in the time of tension of competition , Gazals sooth the readers the poems of Chandra Sekhar pant, Neeraj Babadi, Deep Pant, Tara datt Pande, Sushil Joshi, Puran Mathpal, and Mo.Ali Ajnabi are of different mood, diverse subjects, varied emotions, poles apart forms. After eading the pooems, readers will mutter that till the human beings have emotions , the poems can not die and readers will not leave reading/listening poems

The initial issue of magazine also deals with burning social issues of human kind in articles ‘ Hari Bhari Duniya by Tara Datt Pande and ‘ Chamardumra ki Byatha’ by Dr V K Joshi . Both the articles compel the readers for thinking about environment and the ruining of villages in Uttarakhand due to many reasons.

The readers also enjoy the small life sketch of Magsaysay Awarded Deep Joshi .

The magazine has maintained a high standard in all aspects of magazine I.e subjects, form , other aspects of involvement of readers and readers feeling high after reading the magazine

Certainly, I shall request all Uttarakhandis for sponsoring the magazine by all means.

Editor Srujan Se

M-3 MIG Flats, C 81

Vaishnav apartment, Shalimar Garden II

Sahidabad, Ghaziabad (Uttara Pradesh 201005

Phone -09891542797


Copyright: Bhishma Kukreti , Mumbai, Shiv Ratri February


Bhishma Kukreti

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